High Intensity “Bro-Science” (YELL WHEN YOU LIFT!)

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To scream or not to scream…that is the question. In this video, I’m going to discuss whether there actually is a place in your workout for amping up the intensity by unleashing the primal screams that would get you kicked out of Planet Fitness for sounding the lunk alarm. In a continuation of the popular “bro-science” series, we are going to tackle one gym myth at a time and give you the truth about whether or not what you’re hearing is something you should actually be doing.

You have probably been at the gym and seen someone lifting nearby that is grunting, groaning, yelling or screaming during their set. While it may be totally annoying, you may have thought to yourself, is there any value in that? I mean, many times the people that are doing this are the biggest people in the gym. Maybe there is a correlation between screaming and lifting heavier weights?

Actually, there is. Studies have been conducted that show an increase in strength and force production at a minimum of 10 percent when yelling during a lift rather than keeping quiet. That is signifiant. In fact, some research has shown an increase of up to 30 percent in the output that you can generate during a lift. Why is that? There are many reasons.

First, the obvious is that you are audibly psyching yourself up to train. By getting yourself pumped up you are turning on the endorphins that will make it possible for you to train at a higher intensity and therefore have a higher effort level from the moment the bar leaves the ground.

Second, you are activating the autonomic nervous system when you do this. This is the same system known as the “fight or flight” phenomena that was responsible for our primitive responses to danger or excitement. If for instance you found yourself face to face with a T-Rex, you’re autonomic nervous system would kick in and allow you to produce peak force contractions and your alertness level would go through the roof. Both of these are going to have an impact on your ability to lift more weight.

Third, screaming allows you to realize the full expression of your force generation. For example, if you were to work on developing your rotational power with medicine ball side to side swings you would be far better off to actually release the ball than to hold onto it. This is because, you are actually decelerating the ball once you move past the midpoint of the exercise rather than accelerating all the way through the movement when you can release the ball into a wall. The same thing happens when you an audibly release the pent up energy generated during the lift by screaming.

Finally, you are creating a great deal of core bracing and are plugging the energy leaks in your abs when you scream. Try this for yourself right now. Hold your hand across your stomach and scream. You should instantly feel the core brace down and tighten up. This is happening when you do it during a lift. Any time you can brace through your core and tighten, the energy that is transferred to the rest of your body performing the lift is higher.

So, the verdict is in. Screaming is a good thing when it comes to increasing your strength and force output during a lift. However, here’s the even better news. You actually don’t have to scream at all. It’s not the audible sound that makes the difference but the expulsion of air forcefully during the lift that is producing the benefits. So, dial down the sounds but amp up the forceful breathes and you will have increased your strength that quickly.

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