Building Your Curves | Full Body Gym Workout

The key to getting that curvier look and curvier body is to build your upper body and lower body! (you will not look manly (I PROMISE). In this video I show you ladies what exercises I do to achieve that!

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10 Min Warm-Up:
30s Walk
30s Run
30s Sprint
x Repeat 3-6 times

Hip Thrust: 10 Reps x 4 Sets
One-Legged Press: 8 Reps x 4 Sets (each leg)

Superset #1
Shoulder Press + Bent Over Rows: 10 Reps x 4 Sets

Superset #2
Pull ups + Dips: 10 Reps x 4 Sets

Superset #3
Bicep Curls + Tricep Extensions: 10 Reps x 4 Sets

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