The “Holy Trinity” of Ab Training (HIGH DEFINITION!)

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Ab training and ab workouts are a bit of a mislabeled term. You should never just focus on your abdominals if you want your core to look as good and as shredded as it can. Instead, you need to focus on what I call the “holy trinity” of ab training. In this video, I show you a sequence of 3 exercises that you can do that will hit not just the six pack abs, but also the obliques and all important serratus anterior muscles as well.

The reason you need to start focusing on these three muscles together is, most importantly, that they like to work in concert with each other. Very rarely will you find just one of these muscles working in isolation and at the exclusion of the other two muscles. Because of this, we want to see if we can select exercises for our ab workouts that help us train them all together or at least within the same series of movements.

We start off with the easy one, the abdominals. At least, we think they are the easiest core muscle to target. That is, if we perform our ab exercises the right way. The first thing you want to consider regardless which ab movement you are performing is that one of the functions of the abs dynamically is to flex the spine. That means, unless you are getting flexion of the lumbar spine, you will not be accomplishing this in your ab exercises.

The visual cue you should be thinking about in order to achieve this on every rep of your ab exercises in which you are raising the bottom half of your body towards your upper half (as in any hanging ab raise or lower ab exercise) is to show your butt to someone standing in front of you. If you simply lift your knees up without focusing on the trunk curl you will never activate your lower abs nearly as much as you can be. Instead, you will be focusing too much of your effort on your hip flexors. Do the lower ab raise or seated knee tuck as shown here for much better activation.

Next, you want to hit those all important obliques. I have gone on record many times stating the importance of hitting the obliques hard if you want to really get a well developed and shredded looking midsection (provided your nutrition is on point of course). The very orientation of the fibers themselves allows for a well developed set of obliques to taper and visually narrow your waistline. You can do this with the twisting leg raise variation that I show you here. Make sure to work both sides of your obliques to ensure balance and a complete ab workout.

Finally, the often overlooked serratus anterior muscles. These help in protraction of the arm away from the body, as in a pushup plus exercise. We can actually accomplish this by changing the orientation of our body while pushing away in one smooth and incredibly effective move. We call this one a slight tweak on our gymnast abs movement. Push up and away with your body and then tuck your pelvis up high to further tilt your body out over your hands. This will put your serratus on overdrive and help you to feel the difference it makes to recruit this dormant muscle into your ab training.

This is just a glimpse of what it looks and feels like to train like an athlete. If you want to get those abs showing like never before and you don’t want to wait years for it to happen, head to and get the complete ATHLEAN-X Training System. Start training like an athlete and stop overlooking the little things in your training and workouts. You’ll be amazed at just how big those things become in the big picture of carving out your new body.

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