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By their very nature, leg workouts can be grueling for the simple fact that they are decimating half of your entire body in one shot! In this video, I make it even more difficult by proving how this can be done in literally just 6 minutes. Going to hit the hamstrings, glutes and quads in one intense leg workout by supersetting two classic leg exercises and adding in some technique changes to make sure it has the effect we are looking for.

With just 2 leg exercises in this leg workout, you can say that the routine is simple. That said, because of the way we are performing the exercises you would never say that it was easy! Start the sore in 6 minute leg workout by loading up two bars in a squat rack. One should be set up for squats and the other should be set low on the pins for stiff legged deadlifts. The depth of the pins for the stiff legged deadlifts will be determined by the depth that you can reach safely on a squat.

I for instance, tend to get just above parallel before my knees start to bark from years of degeneration and playing competitive sports. Since we are using the bar as an implement for performing box squats, the depth is going to be determined when the back of your legs or butt make contact with it. Given the fact that we are performing slow eccentrics however, you will want to take this into consideration when determining the weight you are going to use.

The second leg exercise in this legs workout is the stiff legged deadlift as mentioned above. You want to hinge at the hips and lower the bar down to the pins before driving back up using powerful glute and hip extension. With both of these exercises, you are going to start by performing 10 reps and then a 10 second isometric hold in the bottom position before moving on back to squats.

The next time you perform the squats you will want to perform 8 reps and finish with an 8 second hold. Immediately move right into the SLDL’s and perform 8 reps here with an 8 second hold in the bottom position after the last rep. Keep going until you have performed 6 on each exercise, 4 reps on each exercise, and finally 2 reps on each exercise.

The hold time at each stage is equal to the number of reps that you are performing. For instance, when performing 4 reps of a squat and stiff legged deadlift, you will be holding for 4 seconds at the bottom on your final rep.

The total amount of time that it should take you to perform all of your repetitions and holding time is 5 minutes. Given the fact that you will require some time to transition between the two exercises and catch your breath as well, the full 6 minutes of this leg workout are at your disposal and likely going to come in handy when attempting to get this done. Remember to keep your eccentric rep slow (3 seconds down) to accentuate the tension with tissue lengthening and increase the overall demands on the muscles.

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