[Vlog No. 1 Preview] What's For Dinner Tonight? Ingredient List + Chris Cuomo + Road Blocks

11/30/2016 -Vlog Preview No.1
Here is what you will need to cook dinner with me tonight and remember to check for the uploaded dinner video after 7pm EST. I will be uploading what I cook everyday. www.wheneatingwellsucks.com #WEWSucks

Meal cost $9-$10 to feed a family of 3 or 4
1. chicken (I did legs bc they are cheaper but it really does matter. Dark meet has more flavor)
2. Red potatoes
3. 2 onions
4. 2 squash
5. 2 zucchini
6. Cherry tomatoes (or any other veggie that will sauté well)
7. Rosemary, parsley, or whatever herbs you have
8. olive oil
9. Salt
10. Pepper
11. Wine (some to drink and some for cooking)

Here is Chris Cuomos new youtube page. I LOVE HIM https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgOZTMFe0I9OoSlqyvvaJnA
This stuff is great for keeping up with the news but also what he talks about translate well in all aspects of life

KIMf lesson for today: Mix consistency with Passion and show up every day even when everything goes wrong and no one is watching …here lies success.

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