Top 5 WORST Ab Exercise Mistakes! (STOP DOING THESE!)

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When it comes to ab exercises, there are five big mistakes that you could be making that are preventing you from getting your six pack to show at its best. In this video, Iโ€™m going to show you the worst ab exercise mistakes that you could be making and more importantly, how to correct them. You will learn about the ab movements that work the best and the ones that are not worth your time.

To start, it is important to discuss the role of nutrition in abs. Despite what some people will tell you or lead you to believe, you will never have great looking abs or a six pack if you do not get your nutrition in check first. What you eat and the diet you follow are crucial to seeing your ripped abs year round. If you refuse to eat healthy then you will never have body fat levels low enough to be able to see the results of your hard work in the gym.

That said, it is time to discuss the exercise mistakes that you may be making but will be able to fix today. First is how much you may be cheating your reps on every ab exercise. Think about it. When you are doing crunches, do you ever pull on your neck? If so, you are likely doing this to trick your eyes into thinking that your shoulders are getting high enough off the ground to constitute a good rep. They are not.

Likewise, you may be pushing into the ground with your hands or using momentum to swing your legs up while doing lower ab exercises. Neither of these are going to help you get a good contraction in your ab muscles and will limit the success you will see from your ab training over time.

The next thing you could be doing is not training your abs frequently enough. Many people think that they will just get in their ab work with stabilization of the core on their bigger lifts. This simply isnโ€™t true. If you want to get a ripped six pack you will need to include frequent direct ab training into your workouts. In fact, your squat and other big lifts will likely benefit from the inclusion of these extra ab workout sessions.

Next, you will want to be sure that you are doing enough hanging ab exercises. Yes, they are more difficult but they are also more capable of delivering positive changes to your ab muscles than doing lots of reps of much easier ab movements. If you want to see your greatest success from training abdominals you will want to opt for some of these more challenging ab exercise options for sure.

When it comes to ab development, one thing you want to avoid at all costs are bloated looking abs. One of the ways this happens most is by confusing the fact that you should be breathing out during contraction while at the same time pushing out. You want to learn to breathe out but contract down and cinch your waist tighter. You never want to push your belly out while contracting on a rep of your ab exercises.

Finally, stop thinking about just your abs. If you start to see just how important the serratus, obliques and even your adductors are to the development of your core, you will see a real fast improvement in how your midsection looks. I have a complete video called the Holy Trinity of Ab Training that is a must watch if you want to see exercises for the obliques and serratus that will help you to get this right. You can also see here how to engage the adductors in almost any ab exercise to get more from it.

The bottom line is, if you want to get great abs you have to start by avoiding these 5 worst ab exercise mistakes. Correcting them is not that hard. Once you have and you are ready for lots of new ab exercises that you can do, head to and pick the program that is best suited to your current goals.

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