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If you watch this channel regularly, you’ve likely watched Jesse add muscle and get leaner over the last few months. In this video, I’m showcasing the muscle building changes that he has been able to make by getting serious about his training and growing up at the same time. You may be shocked to hear that I am doing Jesse no favors during this process.

I told him when he started, I am not going to want this more than you should. If this really means something to you, then you will find a way to prioritize it in your day and make time for. Not only has he been able to do that over the last 6 months or so but he has been getting locked in on his nutrition as well. By trading in his gummy bear addiction for an iron addiction, Jesse has been able to start revealing his eight pack abs he’s been hiding under his skinny fat physique for years.

So what exactly has he done? He started with the AX1 program available at as his base training. Other than helping him with his posture (to help him to get more out of his workouts and keep him healthy) I have provided him with no special workouts or routines. He has been using the exact same programs and workouts that I know have a proven history of working, for those willing to put in the work.

It’s no secret that Jesse was not really committed to training when he first started working for me. I did challenge him however. I told him, if you ever want to step out from behind the camera and get in front of it with me, you’re going to want to start looking like you belong there. He knew that I was challenging him and rather than shrinking away from it, he rose to the challenge and decided to make a change.

It started with his first workout. All I wanted him to do was string two in a row. What was two became three and what was three became four. He was determined. That is until he suffered an accident that landed him in the hospital and cost him the early progress that he was seeing. Shortly after the New Year, he was medically cleared from his head injury to resume training. In all honesty, I figured he had lost the desire to work out and would likely not get back into it. I was wrong.

By the 3rd week of January he was locked in and committed more than ever to seeing his transformation through. He has never looked back. With just a little over 5 months of consistent training and watching the foods he eats, Jesse has been able to create great changes in his body and is looking stronger, feeling healthier and acting more determined than ever to succeed. His transformation is inspiring not only himself but the many others who find themselves in similar shoes and relate to his struggles.

If you too are inspired by what he has done and decide that it’s time to look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself “why not me” then I am ready to help you. Choose from the programs available at to see the one best matched to your current physique goals. Maybe you want to build muscle, maybe you need to mostly burn fat, or maybe you need to do some of each. Whatever your needs are at the moment, I have a program to help you and a desire to see you through to your goal just like I have been with Jesse.

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