Patreon Goal + YouTube Channel Update

THANK YOU to all of you who have committed to supporting our mission to stay independent and keep helping as many people as possible by keeping our workouts available to the public.

Due to your support, we were able to reach 80.66% of our goal via Patreon and the remaining one-time PayPal donations were enough to cover the remaining 19.34% of our goal for the next 3 1/2 months [112 days or by August 21st] — which should be enough time to naturally meet the remainder of our funding goal. We are working on bringing even better workouts your way [very soon] and providing even more value to those who have pledged their support to keep our mission alive.

We are only able to continue our work here due to the support of our awesome viewers. If you value our work, please consider joining our Patreon community here:
We also accept one-time donations here:

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