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I want to start by recognizing the milestone of crossing the three million subscriber mark. That said, this is not my achievement. It’s yours. This channel is about you the viewers and the support you provide by believing in me and trusting in the quality of the content that I strive to create for you in every video. With that said, I humbly thank you and appreciate you for providing me with the incentive to settle for nothing less than my best. On to 4 million subscribers and beyond.

The theme of this video was to share with you, a peak inside my childhood. I grew up in Stratford Connecticut. As a young boy my thoughts were filled of three things; my favorite baseball team the Mets, WWF wrestling and my childhood icon (and his movies) Sylvester Stallone. It was in these latter two that I initially found the spark to one day want to change my body and perhaps even influence others through that transformation one day.

To that end, I knew that the only thing separating me from reaching this goal was hard work and consistent effort. No, I was not the biggest kid on the block. Obviously, I still am not. But that didn’t stop me from working and giving my all every time I hit the gym to try and become the biggest strongest version that I could be. You see, it’s ok to dream big. Don’t let anyone tell you what you should or can be. Dream big and live big in the pursuit of those dreams and you just may shock yourself (and those that doubted you) as to what you can achieve.

Fast forward 30 years and I wound up not only working for the New York Mets (as their head physical therapist and assistant strength coach) but I also wound up training one of the biggest icons in professional wrestling (Sting) and just recently receiving an incredible honor in having Stallone say some high praise in my direction.

I also went from reading fitness magazines to one day writing for them as well as taking my hobby and love of science to much more than that…it is now my career.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, don’t be afraid to dream. When you do, you open the door to wonderful possibilities. Will you achieve them all? I cannot say. None of us can really say for sure. But what I can say is that you can guarantee that you will miss out on every dream that you never dream! Know what I mean? So rather than do that, dare to dream and you might just achieve them.

Thank you again for helping me fulfill a lifelong dream of having the chance to help you in your pursuit of fitness and better health. You have my vow to never compromise the quality in which I deliver this to you and my commitment to doing this for as long as I can. We are heading towards 4 million subscribers but I can tell you this…we are just getting warmed up!

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