Brutal Triceps Workout (SORE IN 6 MINUTES!)

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If your triceps workout is not making your triceps feel sore after working them, there is a possibility that you aren’t training them hard enough. The sore in 6 series continues with a brutal tricep workout that is designed to push your muscles to the limit in just 6 minutes. By using the right tricep exercises at the right time, you will see just how much more effective you can be making your workouts.

This one starts with two sets of dumbbells and an adjustable bench. You will put the bench on an incline and pick up the lighter of the two pairs of dumbbells. In general, this weight should be half of what you usually use for a 10-12 rep set of lying dumbbell tricep extensions. To kick this off you will be performing the lying tricep extension, except this time from an incline. The incline allows you to safely protect your shoulder from too much elevation, if you are someone that experiences shoulder pain and discomfort.

This tricep exercise is going to be performed in “21” style, with the first seven reps being done in the top of the range of motion, the second seven reps in the bottom of the range, and the final seven performed through the full range. Make sure to slow down the eccentric contraction on the full reps to really stress the long head of the triceps and overload the tension you deliver to the muscle.

Once done, immediately transition to be face down on the same incline bench and grab the same pair of dumbbells just used. This time you will be performing a triceps dumbbell extension. Aim to keep the upper arm behind the body the whole time to maximize the shortening of the tricep muscle. If you can no longer perform reps during this one minute period, try to simply lock out the arms and hold them for the remaining time.

Next grab the heavier set of dumbbells and lower the bench to a flat position. Lay back and perform the bench press / eccentric lowering tricep extension. The positive portion of the lift is used to assist your triceps in getting the weights into positoin for the next eccentric repetition only. Do as many as you can until your triceps can no longer safely control the weight.

This whole circuit is then repeated one more time for a total duration of 6 minutes for this tricep workout. Remember, this is a brutally intense routine and is one that you do not want to do every time you workout your triceps. In fact, this is meant to be a plateau buster to shock your muscles into soreness without being a regular workout. All of the Sore in 6 workouts are to be looked at and treated that way.

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