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If you ever said you never feel that your shoulder workout is working because you simply cannot get your delts to feel sore the next day, then this 6 minute routine for your shoulders is going to do the trick. Now, it is important to understand that workout soreness is not a prerequisite for muscle growth. There are multiple methods for accomplishing this goal. That said, through mechanical tension and elongation of the muscle while experiencing high tension during the eccentric, we know we can create a response capable of eliciting new gains.

When it comes to the shoulder however, this task becomes infinitely more difficult. This is because the exercises that we perform in our shoulder workouts don’t really allow us to elongate the deltoid muscle to any significant degree during the lift. Take the side lateral raise for instance. You can see that the dumbbell begins and returns to the same position, alongside your leg. At no point does the arm cross midline allowing the deltoid to experience an increased stretch.

The same can be said for a front shoulder raise or even a classic dumbbell overhead press. Beyond that, we get caught up in always attempting to lift as heavy a weight as we can when working our shoulders, failing to realize that the delts have a high concentration of slow type I muscle fibers making them better candidates for adding in some lighter weights as well.

In this shoulder workout routine, I’m going to show you how in just 6 minutes you can perform a combination of shoulder exercises that will help you to get that DOMS working within the next 24 to 48 hours. We are going to use positions that place the front, middle and rear delts in more stretch during the elongation phase of the lift. Of course, the heavier work will still be there and will wrap up the sequence in a unique way.

In order to get your deltoids to grow you have to overload the muscles in your shoulder. That said, you don’t want to overload the joints as you attempt to do this. The shoulder, given its high amount of mobility, is one of the most unstable joints in the body and most susceptible to damage. The exercises that I show you here for this shoulder workout are designed to get the best out of your shoulder muscles without sacrificing the integrity of your shoulder joint.

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