Muslim Ban in the United States... Really bro?

I have faith and optimism that our country will eventually do the right thing. This country was built on immigration.. Hell, Trumps wife and ex wife where immigrants. Im the grandson of immigrants. People are people, no one is better because of the country they are born in. I have empathy for all. People will argue that this is a means to keep us safe. But we have the most bad ass military in the world, I FEEL SAFE!!! However, this for sure will put the battery in the backs of the tiny percent of people out there that actually are terrorist, and now they’ll have a legitimate reason (in their minds) to try and attack us, or just create a more volatile environment… I love life, I love people in general, and who cares if only 109 people where detained, it would be wrong if it was one innocent person. What if it was your mother, or father…. Or grandmother etc…. Right is right…. Wrong is wrong. I open this to intelligent debate, but lets keep it respectful on all sides please, any hate talk will get reported, deleted and blocked.

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