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If you ever said that you never feel your back workout in your lats or never have sore lats after training them, this video is for you. See how to get muscle soreness in your lats by training them with heavy eccentrics and applying tension to the muscles during maximum lengthening in this small 6 minute sample workout routine for back.

Many people will say that they have a hard time getting certain muscles sore when they train them. They equate soreness to the effectiveness of the workout and reason that if they don’t feel sore the next day then they didn’t get a good workout in. That is not necessarily true. In fact, if you were training for strength it would be completely irrelevant. That said, one of the known stimulus for muscle growth is eccentric tension and overload.

Here I will show you a quick 6 minute routine that you can do at the end of your back workout or as the only thing you do in your lat training if you want to prove to yourself the effectiveness of the method. Putting the science back in strength as we always do to utilize the anatomy of the lats to our advantage as we select specific back exercises to execute these techniques on.

As you will see, certain back and lat exercises are better than others for applying the loaded eccentric technique. If you were to choose the wrong exercise you would either not have enough tension during the time you had a good stretch or you would have too much tension but in a position that didn’t make it safe to have it without jeopardizing the safety of the lift.

In this 6 minute back routine you are going to perform just 3 exercises. The first is a lat pulldown done with your elbows in front of your body while still using an overhand grip. This places more stretch on the lats as it is similar to the positioning of the arms during a chinup except with the opposite grip. As you raise the bar back up after each rep try and let your arms travel forward as you protract your scapula. This will accentuate the stretch on your lats greatly and place much more tension on them eccentrically provided you keep each rep slow.

Move onto the dumbbell pullover. Apply the stretch to the lats by dropping the pelvis down towards the floor before performing the 21 style rep scheme shown. Each of these should be performed using your 12RM with a 4 second per rep cadence. Move onto the last back exercise in the routine called the rotational high row. There is an added tweak to the way you do this to ensure separation of the lats and stretch under load. Do one minute on each arm and then finish up with one more minute of the first two exercises for a total of 6 minutes.

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