Ripped Six Pack & Obliques (THE “X” EFFECT!)

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If you want to get a completely ripped six pack and obliques you must understand the way your core is anatomically set up, and then train the way it’s meant to be trained. In this video, I show you exactly how the oblique muscles work together and how they work with the rectus abdominus so that you can mimic the exercises and get the best workout for your core.

What I describe and illustrate with the markers is something called the serape effect. This refers to the way the muscles of the obliques, serrated anterior, and rhomboids align within the core to functionally work together and help each other perform their respective job even better than if they were to attempt to do it alone.

Your six pack abs will ultimately depend on whether you are training these muscles correctly since they are anatomically craving proper training. In order to quickly and easily showcase the effect these exercises can have on your six pack abs and obliques, I give you two exercises that you can do with a simple Olympic barbell.

They are both variations of something I call the Olympic Twist. What you first must do is hold the bar with a palms up grip (as if doing a barbell curl) at waist height. From here, rest the barbell on your hips and allow your shoulders and hips to move together as you rotate them from left to right. You should feel the activation of the abs and obliques as your muscles attempt to contract to slow down the momentum of the bar as it increases with each turn.

To take it a step up in difficulty however, you want to try and limit the motion of the hips by locking them in place as much as possible and repeating the movement. This time, you are attempting to move just the shoulders and core without letting your hips rotate too much to the right or left. This now places an even higher demand on your abs and oblique muscles to resist the over-rotation of your torso.

Finally, you can take it even one step further by rotating your hips one way and your shoulders in the opposite direction. This is the exact type of counterforce effect that happens when you attempt to throw something or even perform an activity such as running. Your body works in this cross pattern and must be trained in it if you want to see the best results from your training.

The ATHLEAN-X Training System available at is geared at training your body exactly as it needs to be trained in order to maximize lean muscle mass while helping you to stay ripped and have a six pack year round. By giving muscles that prefer to work together the opportunity to do so, you will be shocked at just how much more quickly you can see results from your workouts.

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