4 Personal Grooming Essentials for Fit Men

Your partner, or just the partner you’re out there chasing, doesn’t want any unpleasant surprises. So don’t give them any! Here’s how you can take care of what’s down below and keep everything tight where it counts.
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1. Have A Hair-Aware Plan

If you’re a man, you’ve got a mane. But just because your body grows it doesn’t mean you have to keep it. Carrying a lighter load can feel lighter, cooler, and just cleaner.

So, shave or trim? There’s no right answer, but there are right and wrong ways to do both. To minimize itching, begin your routine with 10-15 minutes in a warm shower, and wash with a premium cleanser like Chassis Primer. Bacteria can aggravate infection in case of a cut, so never tend a dirty hedge.

The tools you use can also make or break the experience. You’ve got multiple choices, but whatever you use, set that tool aside for only pubic-hair maintenance. Don’t stick that thing up your nose later!

If you use electric clippers, set them to a depth that suits you. Most people find a half-inch or so is close enough. Trim carefully all the way around, not just on top. You don’t want that “bald guy with a big ol’ beard” look down there.

If you’re shaving, use a sharp razor. A dull blade will only cause problems. If the hair is long, trim it beforehand. Use a gentle shaving cream or gel, and perform your ritual where it’s easy to clean up.

Leaving curlies lying around? That’s a deal-breaker for potential partners.

2. Protect The Boys Before Getting Sweaty

Skin down there is seriously sensitive, even more so if you shave. Unfortunately, this is also the part of your body with the most skin-to-skin contact and the most heat when you train or play hard.

The three-headed monster of sweat, odor, and chafing is one that most athletes know well. But you can keep this from attacking with a little planning and a little premium powder.

Use a premium powder like Chassis, which is designed to help put out the fire in your loins. Basic talc powders and other products meant for other parts of your body get pasty and disgusting. You also don’t want a product that smells like a baby—or just as bad, like it came from your grandfather’s medicine cabinet.

3. Don’t Underclean Or Overscent

You never fail to soap up your pits when you wash. Why? Because if you don’t, they get ripe. But do you give the same attention to your undercarriage? You should, especially if you’re working or training hard. Just because you can’t smell anything right now doesn’t mean it doesn’t stink. Better to keep that problem from happening than to have to try to explain it to someone else!

But you can also go too far with this. Soapy buildup or a weird, chemical smell can be as off-putting as the stank. So leave that dollar-store body-wash goop for someone else. A high-quality all-in-one product like Chassis Primer will work almost like a conditioner for down there, cleaning, softening body hair, and moisturizing, all while reducing friction. It takes the guesswork out of your morning routine while providing lasting comfort.

4. Don’t Take Your Undies For Granted

Your underwear doesn’t matter. After all, nobody sees it, right? Wrong. You can wear what you want, but wear it right, or you might develop a reputation you really don’t want.

Boxers are cool temperature-wise, and you can answer the door wearing them. If you’re a little out of shape, these can kinda help hide it. But there are also downsides: riding up, and flopping out. Boxers and box jumps don’t mix.

Briefs or bikinis are great for training, and also if you’ve got the body that can rock them. Just don’t let them get too old or nasty. Slim, colored briefs with an intact waistband? Fine. Frayed or old-fashioned nut-huggers? Nobody wants to know what’s lurking in those.

Boxer briefs are the natural middle ground. But there are plenty of straight-up ugly ones, and even the best ones don’t last forever. Jettison those bad boys the first time they start to show their age.


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