Build Support | Rise & Grind: Six-Week Muscle-Building Plan

Find support from those around you as you take on Week 5 of the Rise & Grind trainer!
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The concept of Rise and Grind did not just come about overnight. This is something I’ve been living for a long, long time, through many different programs and training styles. This isn’t how Vernon Davis and I trained for football. This is how you can train for life—and with your life.

We’re not here to push you to your absolute limit on every rep, set, and movement so that you crap out during week two. We’re here to challenge you to train at a consistent and high level for six straight weeks, leaving no rep or meal behind. You’re going to live up to those inspiring messages you “like” on social media.

Each day, you’re going to Rise and Grind. Here’s what you need to know.

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